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Our Values
Foremost, we value mutual trust and integrity. We respect and safeguard the good names of clients, their corporate image, and all candidates with whom we have contact. As a client, you can rest assured that your information will be safeguarded until a thoroughly profiled candidate exhibits the talent and the interest necessary for a successful hire.  Additionally, we provide clients and candidates with appropriate information to maximize a mutually satisfactory client/candidate relationship while maintaining full confidentiality until an interview takes place.

Energy Trading & Marketing

Our Process
To unify all search efforts, we request that we handle all activity on a search. This is how we will earn your loyalty.  Our firm of specialized Energy Recruiters will conduct research which includes contacting our database of over 10,000 connections in the energy sector, identify and thoroughly  interview all candidates through our four step interview and reference checking process, and our team will also be the sole contact for all candidates, unless otherwise mutually agreed.


Knowledge is Power
Reciprocal Relationship - Just as we keep clients informed of all information we discover in the course of a search, we ask that our clients alert us to any developments that may affect the search's outcome. Additionally, our candidates our instructed during our thorough four step interview and reference checking process that if their situation changes they are to advise us immediately so we can allow our clients an opportunity to adapt or compete further with our candidates.

A leading Energy Placement Firm

Our objective is to be the most highly regarded top-tier executive search firm by enhancing our clients' success through the quality and excellence of our work in markets around the world recognizing our firm's and our clients' geographical differences. In pursuit of this objective, we are committed to an environment of mutual trust and respect in which all our employees are valued as individuals and which shareholder return is optimized. This can only be achieved by leveraging our human and cultural diversity and by uniting in common standards of integrity and professional excellence.

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